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Yet another 308 boar.

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Yet another 308 bullet test subject. I believe no 11. He was a stout one. Heart girth measurement was 47". Puts him in the 270 pound range. Both the farmer and me had game cam photos of a lone boar during the wee hours of the night. He got into the freshly planted peanuts after it quit raining around 3:30 am Friday morning. Setup Friday night on the peanut field and watched deer all night. Then just a little after midnight he finally shows. Closed the distance then he started heading my way. Popped him at 112 yards. DRT.

PS: I will be loading 6.8 spcii real soon now. lol
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Its amazing how a pig can get on a row and root up every seed as far as they can go.
Nice kill on the boar!
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So when you say loading 6.8 soon is this with new bullet as well?
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