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Hello there,, just a newbie that will give a little info . I recently sold my M1A NM. needed the money and the wife said "you can always get another rifle". with that motivation I have been checking out AR15s . I have never been a fan of 5.56 ., hated it. but always love the ar style rifles. after getting rid of the M1A , I was at the local gun store and picked up an ar. fell in love with holding it all over again. not wanting a 308 I have read as much as I could on the 6.8, so now I am in the process of getting on. price is always a concern and will build my own. just starting to check out the differences, (not much except price). I am a lefty but learned on a righty. no problem, I want a righty so when I pass it on to one of my 2 military kids they wont have a problem. Love the way the ar comes up and fits me. should of got one first instead of the M1A. oh well old dog new tricks! thank you for the forum and all the insites. I have read topics and realize, this is a great weapon NOW! Stoger and McNamare's wizz kids finally came thru. YEARS LATER
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