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XP-100 Question

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Seems like there's some pretty knowledgeable guys around here so I thought I'd ask and see what responses I get. In 1994, I was in a gun shop and saw an XP-100 "Hunter" in 7mm-08 that I really wanted. At the time, $750 was outrageously expensive to me, so I didn't get it - but I did pick up a catalog. Turns out they only made that specific model of XP-100 for one year. Years later, I started looking for the XP-100 again. As most of you know, this model went through some serious revisions and was eventually dropped. I've always kept my eye open and hopes up that I might find one at a show someday. Anyway, I ran across this catalog when cleaning periodicals out of my reading room the other day and though what a wonderful pistol to have in 6.8. Any ideas on where to start a project such as this? I'm not scared to spend a little cash now to get what I want. That said, I've often looked at an HS Precision P2000 as a substitute and $2200 is still a little hard to swallow for what amounts to an accurized 700 action, a pistol stock and a 15" barrel. If I'm going to go full blown custom, I want a left handed action....

Here's a scan of the catalog pic:

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The only sticky stop is the bolt which you can have made or one opened up. It is the same as a single shot shot rifle. A barrel and bolt face is all that you need to make it work.
XP100 Hunter - I have one for sale.

I have an XP 100 Hunter in 7mm BR with a 2-7 Pentax in mint condition. I bought it at a gunshow in Kerrville about 8 years ago. I have dies, brass, and 2 boxes of loaded factory ammo. This is the most accurate firearm I own. It will shoot 1/2 inch groups every time I take it to the range. It has taken deer, aoudad, and blackbuck antelope. Sounds like I'm bragging, but it is an awesome gun.
Congrats on a good gun. Easy to see you have been doing a lot of reading to drag out a thread that is almost 2 1/2 years old. This shows you are doing some good research.
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