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As some of you can tell Im cleaning out my boom room.... still going, here is my old 3 gun rig, new one coming soon.

I have a custom built 3 Gun rig to my specs for kicks.
Barrel was bought from Randall Rouche of Ar15barrels.com in 2006 and is a Stainless Steel Krieger 18"1:8 re profilled and cut down to 17" by Randall.
Rifle length gas system
JP Rifle length FF tube with one length of rail
JP LMOS Buffer and Carrier
Bennie ****** Comp Indexed by Randall Rouche
LMT upper rec bought by WES at MSTN (hard to come by...)
YHM flip up GB front sight (can be removed)
LCW (LMT) lower with RRA parts kit.
Vltor A2 Clubfoot
Painted in duracoat Dessert Warrior Tan and Purple.

Can send more pics to serious parties.

I am looking to trade for High End 1911's or KAC rifles, Colt rifles,AR-10s or anything else, toss it out.

IM is best via this site.

My sale value based on parts and quality alone is 2,300 Or Best Offer.

I take Paypal or USPS MO ONLY.
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