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WTT: PRI/Barrett Magazines.

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I have 3 relatively new PRI 25 Round Waffle Magazines and two brand new Barrett 30 Round magazines. I want to keep just one brand since I don't want to mess with the different OAL's. I would like to trade the 3 PRI mags for 3 Barrett mags, or I would like to trade the 2 Barrett mags for 2 PRI Waffle mags.

It honestly doesn't matter to me which ones. The PRI mags work perfectly after I tweaked the lips. The Barrett are brand new and I have not shot them. If anyone is interested let me know.
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Hey Paul,
I posted last week about wanting to trade PRI's for Barretts. I have 1 new PRI and two like new with less than 100 rounds a piece run through them. I'd be happy to trade two of my 25 rd PRI'S for two Barretts. I'll even send them to you first so you can look them over and try them. Just let me know.
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