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Taking the plunge back into expensive rounds and picked up another 6.8 rifle, so its only appropriate to go full retard and have an SBR to match it. I prefer to trade to keep me from registering another lower, but if its a price I cant resist, I may buy as well. Looking for a 10-13 inch LWRC 6.8 SPC upper, and MAY take an 8 inch if you have one, just hoping to keep it over 10 since I run suppressed. I have a like new 8 inch PDW 5.56 LWRC upper with about 100 rounds through it id like to trade straight across.
I will also trade this for $1100 worth of FACTORY 6.8 SPC ammo / Barrett mags / POSSIBLY parts to build what I want, but im pretty set on staying gas piston and already have a collection of LWRC rifles. Id have a hard time saying no to a factory Barrett rifle or other fancy 6.8 gun, and possibly either adding cash or more trades on my side so entertain me with what you have.



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