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PRI 6.8 SPC Match barrel and bolt + 2 extra bolts - Still available

WTS older PRI Match barrel - Was around $500 new a few years ago and has the older Spec 1 chamber. Will include a 6.8 bolt/firing pin with it, barrel has about 2500-3,000 rounds through it. Will get some pics tonight when I get home... shoots fine, just ended up cannibalizing the rifle for another caliber when I bought a LWRC complete 6.8 gun. Barrel still works fine, sub MOA with Hornady 110s, just no use for it now.

$180 shipped for everything or trade for 6.8 SPC brass, loaded ammo, Barrett mags or stuff in 5.56/308/9mm. Who knows what else, just moving it since its collecting dust. Would pay the difference for trade towards a LWRC 12.5 inch factory upper, or a complete LWRC lower (older style, already vested in mags)

can also sell the extra very lightly used bolts as I just run the LWRC guns now and wont ever use them.


1 - 4 of 4 Posts