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I have a used DPMS 14.5 inch barrel with M4 feed ramps, threaded with A2 FH.

I got this barrel in a trade deal I made for several uppers, and I only need the upper rec this barrel came off of. I took off the A2 FH to remove the FSB etc. it will however come with an A2 it is just not pictured as I left it on the bench.

Id like to get 150 dollars for this barrel.

Trades Id consider and could +/- cash depending on the deal:

Railed FF handguards
Surefire lights or mount and light combos
Stripped lower(any brand really)
Complete Cav Arms lower
pre ban mags, 20s or 30s
CRT stock in FDE
Vltor A2 stocks in FDE or Black
used Aimpoint
LaRue Iron Dot (just the iron dot, no need for the mini red dot optics)
Anything else just toss it out.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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