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I'm creating a new thread for these to keep the threads a little bit cleaner. Here are two more things I wouldn't mind selling/trading. Trades are listed at the bottom. PM any questions please and I can update this original post with answers if something needs clarification.

1) I have a Aimpoint Pro 2moa sight with factory mount for sale. I tossed the original box when I got it. It's been on my 5.56 rifle for maybe 400 rounds. Virtually no wear except where you see on the mount. $310 shipped (TRADE PENDING).

2) I have a SWFA 1-4x24 Classic with illuminated reticle for sale. I got it about 2 weeks ago and decided I wanted something like a 3-15x instead. It's seen about 40 rounds. It'll come with Butler Creek flip caps, a Aero Precision lightweight mount, and the SWFA literature it came with. $450 shipped. (TRADE PENDING)

Trades: Aimpoint T1/T2, FFP scopes, quality 10.5"/11.5" AR pistol uppers, and possibly a Trijicon RMR or a CZ P-07. Trades will be +/- cash as necessary (A heads up: If the aimpoint trade goes through, I won't have much cash to throw on top). PM any trade offers, worst I can say is no.
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