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I bought this to compare it to the 458 SOCOM.

This is the 20 inch model seen here on Bushmaster's site


I have painted the FF tube and Brake Duracoate MagPul FDE.

Scope is 1.5x5x30 Simons I bought at Cabelas for 100 dollars.

It comes sighted in for the only factory loading from Hornady at 100 yards, it is DEAD ON at 100, I have killed 2 pigs this year with it, one at 100 and the other at 172 yards lazed with the Leica.

I will include the scope, complete upper, dedicated 450 Bushmaster mag and remaining ammo and brass (7 rounds of ammo, approx 25pieces of brass).

Here are pics of the upper for sale from kills this fall

More pics on request.

Bushmaster askes 795.00 for this upper new.

I am asking 700.00 shipped for the whole package or best offer, Upper, 1.5x5x32 Simons Shotgun scope, remaining ammo and brass. I have only shot a total of 25 rounds thought this gun, I bought only 2 boxes (40 rounds total) or ammo and have 15 left.

I take paypal or US POSTAL MO only.

I will consider trades for, STI Trojan 5.0 or anything else, toss it out.
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