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** SOLD **
Used 6.8 muzzle brake/suppressor adapter (MB68AR). Has some spots w/ Krylon that is subtle and slightly darker, can see it in the photos below, where it was painted to match an upper.

I have used Battlecomp BABC and this side by side (have owned both), and the Surefire was noticeably better at putting the sights back on target. It's a fantastic brake and helps control muzzle rise. Cannot be used on .308, as it is sized for 6.8 (.270 cal). BTW, it is a reflex style and comes back over the barrel--it does not extend the OAL the entire length of the brake!

$85 shipped to your door.

Product details here: http://www.rainierarms.com/surefire-muzzle-brake-adapter-mb68ar

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