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I have a NEW UNFIRED 300/221 fireball (300 whisper) Noveske 16" barrel with noveske gas block and tube. I painted the barrel and block duracoat FDE for a project and am now going with a 10.5 inch barrel, so my loss is someones gain! Also for sale are the 300/221 2 die set from redding and 150 pieces of formed brass from "300 whisper brass" on the whisper forms.

Specs of the barrel: 1/8 twist, proper threads for a 30 cal Kx3, 16.1", Stainless Steel, Noveske serial number etc

Here is what this all cost new:Barrel/gas block from Noveske= 460 dollars (NOTE HE IS SOLD OUT AND HAS NOT HAD THIS FOR SALE FOR MONTHS NOW)
Dies NEW UNUSED 300/221 fireball 2 die set from Redding= 65 dollars on midway usa

Brass= 25 dollars per 50 rounds formed from "300 whisper brass" on the whisper forums = 75 dollar value for all 150 pieces

total value of this stuff all new = 600 dollars.

I am asking 490 dollars plus exact shipping to your zip code. NOTE the Upper is not included I just used it for the pic.

Everything you need to get set up to shoot the 300 Whisper! My loss, your gain.

Trades considered: Meopta K-Dot used or new (can ad some cash), 223 ammo, optics (leupold MK 2, 4's VX II or III,), red dots (aimpoints), G19, compact or sub compact XD in 9mm, PRI fore ends, remington 308 bolt gun anything else toss it out.


I can send more photos to those interested, IM or email via this site is best, again Noveske has not made another run of these 16 inch barrels in awhile, check around this is the best non SSK 300 barrel out there.

I take paypal plus 3.5% or check/MO
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