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After playing around with Covid (and surviving) I am selling my second (and last) 6.8 SPC II upper - AND then I will sell my supply of bullets and some miscellaneous reloading equipment.

The upper is a Noveske upper receiver with forward assist. Bolt and carrier maker unknown. The barrel is a 16" 5R ARP with 5/8X24 thread pitch. The upper has a 13" Midwest Industries free floating M-Lok handguard. An Odin works adjustable gas block tops off the package. I am the second owner. Gun has 125 rounds of unsuppressed rounds thru it and is slick as a whistle. It has a desert camo rattle can color scheme

$699 shipped. USPS MO for payment (I never got into the electronic payment system). PM if interested. No trades - squandering my precious funds on an addition to my home. PM if interested

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