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WTS LWRC 10.5" 6.8 spc piston upper unfired

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im looking to part with a 10.5" 6.8spc upper reciever. it is a M6A2 in black. has 5 rounds through it.
$1300.00 (price drop) obo
email me. [email protected][/email
buyer is resposible for complying with all NFA rules
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bump, if anyone is interested this upper is still avaliable.
also i fergot to mention that the buyer is responsible for complying with all NFA rules.
It's not happening anytime soon, but how would this work with a pistol lower?

and jim, yes the upper would work with a pistol lower.
If I could get my 5.56 sold, this would so be mine! Sorry I don't have the cash :(
bump, still on the market.

i still have this upper and it sits in the safe. comes out for a bi annual cleaning. needs a good home.
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