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$150.00 - As New In Box w/1 Gb Memory Card

I got this unit for my birthday from a relative about two months ago, I've used it in my car only, it works well but I just don't travel much and don't need a marine-capable GPS. A friend of mine has this same model which he uses in his car and for his boat, it comes with free detailed lake maps and has an SD Card slot to update software, add maps, load waypoints, trails, etc. I will include the 1 Gb SD Card that I use with it, it has the latest firmware updates and all the accessories. I will pack it in the original box with all manuals, accessories, etc. Includes 12V power adapter, USB cable and suction cup dash mount (very good mount, widely adjustable and good holding power).

Buyer's choice and cost for shipping, I prefer PayPal payment and will ship however you prefer.
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