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Hows it going, I have a Howa Model 1500 Bolt action with a 20" Heavy Barrel that I would like to sell. Less than 200 rnds fired. It is mounted on a Knoxx Axiom stock, the forestock is Black aluminum and the buttstock features a pistol grip and is collapsible. If you have never seen a Knoxx stock in action its pretty impressive. This is a gun you could shoot all day long without even feeling it.

There is a Nikko Sterling Nighteater 4-16x50 mounted on luepold PRW rings. I had a problem with the scope walking back with the rings that came standard on this rifle but have had no issues what so ever after upgrading to the PRW's. I have only been able to drive tacks up to 200yds as I don't have a range near buy with a longer run.

I am also selling the Pelican 1720 case that I bought for this rifle it has wheels and two handles four latches and two padlock eyes. I cut the foam to fit the rifle, Its probably not the best job, I did it before seeing the guys post here on Arfcom with pointers on how to do it. It will also come with a butler creek padded sling used once. I have taken this rifle hunting twice and found that its a bit to heavy to be toating around all day let alone trying to pull of a standing shot.

I have never sold a Firearm and not real sure what would be the best way to ship it. I would assume it wouldn't be a good Idea to ship it in the pelican, but if you have any suggestions I's appreciate it. Local FTF sale is welcome too I am in SoCal. Asking $1100.00 as pictured, Rifle, Scope and rings, Pelican Case, and sling. PM me with any questions. This is also listed on ARFCOM and calguns.
Here is a link to Knoxx Stocks site so you can see a video of the axiom in action:

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