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WTS: CZ-40B/Holster with extras(DFW) $450.00

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This gun just hasn't been in the rotation for a while, I'm trying to pay down a credit card and I'm really only running 9mm and .45 so I figured now was as good a time as any to put it up for sale.
It'll come with the case and whatever documents are inside.
It has 1000 or so rounds through it and was broken down and cleaned after each trip to the range.
I would prefer face-to-face in the DFW area but will ship on your dime and if you can be patient(I work A LOT)
If you have any questions please feel free to ask.

CZ-40B with polished feed ramp and XS Big Dot Night sights(installed at XS)
Adams Leatherworks CUSTOM holster, right handed OWB.

Loose ammo:
-Federal Hydra-Shok x10
-Winchester Ranger-T 165gr x29

Boxed ammo:
-Winchester Ranger-T 165gr x100

-Factory x2
-Mec-Gar x1

Factory rubber girps and a pair a crude wooden grips a buddy made for me.

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