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I have a custom remington 870 18" 2 and 3/4" or 3" chamber, with bead, wingmaster upgraded for HD.

Located in GEORGIA

Includes like new Surefire forend,
Surefire G2 in a Vikings Tactics mount
Wilson Combat (tactical extended tube)
Speedfeed stock holding 4 shells, 2 in each side
And duracoated in Desert Warrior Tan and ACU Grey Grey. Everything is duracoated and should further prevent any rusting!

I am the first owned and this gun is in fantastic shape, has been my HD gun for the last 3 years until I got the Benelli.

Needs a good home!


I am looking to trade for a used but in good shape XD in 9 or 40, any size, glock in 9 mm, used Sigs, M&Ps. FN 9, or partial trade toward a fiveseven, GSG-5, lowers, one complete lower (LMT, COLT, armalite, Noveske).

I am asking $600 for the whole package shipped to your FFL, make sure they will accept from an individual. I take PAYPAL (NO FEE, DISCRETE) or USPS MO ONLY.

More pics on request, please send offers via SITE IM only, thanks!
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