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Top quality Australian & British surplus ammo
$0.50/rd plus shipping
(a lower price than any I found on-line or on auction sites.)

Std. FMJ berdan-primed, non-reloadable brass

200 rd sealed ammo can [Australia] 7 available
160 rd commerical cardboard box [Australia] 4 available
200 rd military cardboard box [England] 2 available
120 rd linked on belt in ammo can [England] 1 available (more links avail if you're feeding an M60)
140 rd sealed battle pack [South Africa] 1 available

Ammo cans appear to have good seals and are free of rust (they're in great shape).

Mid-1980's manufacture, shoots great. Accumulated when the government arsenals sold it in 2002-2004. Now I need the cash more than the ammo. Shipping costs are in the $15-20 range for a single 200 rd ammo can (weighs about 17 lbs) to give an idea what a total cost might be.
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