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WTS .223 projectiles

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I was going to reload for my .223 Wylde rifle and ended up selling it. These came from American Reloading or RMR as pulled bullets.
I would take $175 if someone wants all of them.

(SOLD)400ct 62g Federal Fusion Pulls asking $60 shipped (SOLD)

(SOLD)500ct 62g Bonded bonded boat tail soft point. (I believe these are the same as the Fusion) $70 shipped (SOLD)

500 62g Pulled SS109 (green tip) $65 shipped

Paypal gift preferred or add 3%
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Chef I'll take the 400pcs of fusions also the 500pcs of bonded 62gr 224 bullets pm me your PayPal address I'll do friends and family 130$ shipped thanks .
The SS109's are still available.
Price reduced on the SS109 to $50 shipped
1 - 4 of 4 Posts