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WTS: 12.5" KT/CA Barrel

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WTS: 12.5" KT/CA Barrel - SOLD

Kotonics/Cardinal Armory 12.5" barrel for use in registered machine gun, registered SBR, or pistol lower.
Used, has about 200 rounds down the pipe and shows no pressure signs. I hand polished it with JP paste and did the Tubbs FF kit on it. It's incredibly accurate, especially for a 12.5" barrel. I got the tightest groups with 110gr ProHunters, but most everything was accurate in it. I have had zero issues with it, ejection was right at 3-4 o-clock with a standard CAR buffer.

I decided to go with a 16" barrel instead to give me more flexibility so I'm replacing this one.

11 twist, SPC2 chamber
Mid-length gas system

$220 shipped CONUS OBO.
email is best way to contact me, as I don't get a chance to login as often as I would like.
aquajon at gmail.com

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email sent

aka worldskipper
I never got any email, but the barrel sold to someone else anyway.
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