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Hi All...

My G.F. is burning through my 6.8 ammo with my SBR at an alarming rate!! :shock: Since I can only load so fast AND in order to save what I have left (so I can shoot) I'll be building a "new" short barreled upper. Here's what I'm looking for...

Either a complete upper with a 5.56 or .223 Wylde chambered barrel. OR a barrel or barrel assembly with a carbine length gas system... Right now I'm open to just about anything in new or VERY good shape. I'm not too picky so I'll look at any and all configurations... With a BCG is a plus! Please... No beat up or shot out junk... I'll gladly pay a fair price for decent, low round count equipment. And by the way... Pics are a must as she has the final "say so" on the purchase... :roll:

Whatcha got?
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