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WOW What happened to SSA Brass Cost!!!

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Sorry, but I just bought a bunch a few weeks back and now the cost is 11 bucks more per hundred. Is this demand, supply or the Obama's gotta buy me a new kitchen tax. Looks like I might need a bulk brass buy stimulus package.
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Ok, I didn't mean to light off the flame SSA thread but it looks like I did (dammit where did I put that sword I need something to fall on). Someone mentioned earlier in the thread that SSA maybe trying to move ammo. After calming down and looking at it this morning I have a feeling this is the partially the case, looking at the 90 grain TNT's for 17.29 for quantities of 5-10 that equates to .86 cents a round. If you back out the bullet, powder and primer you're around .50 cents for brass. I think SSA figured out that they were leaving money on the table and let's face it if you manufacture ammo there is equipment cost and operator time associated with making finished rounds not just brass so you've gotta motivate people to buy the finished product and push them away from brass.

The moral of this story is we need more plinkers for this caliber to ease the prices down. Personally I can't wait to see what the cost of these new plinking rounds turn out to be. Based on current metal costs I believe it should be easy to get these rounds down below .75 cents a round. At that price buying ammo starts to make more sense than virgin brass I think. Also let's all keep in mind when was the last time you were confident you could reload your Remington brass more than 3-4 times. Sometimes a great finished products isn't good for business.
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