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Wish Your Remington 700 ADL Was A BDL?

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I've got some old school 700s (meaning that they were made back when they were a good offering). They came into my possession as ADL, meaning they had to load/unload through the top. The BDL had a drop floor plate for unloading.

Kwik Klip was something I stumbled across, I forget whether it was at Midway USA or Brownell's. When I came across them, they offered ONLY Long Action conversions. I bought one and went to a pawn shop and acquired a very nice BDL stock (Remington) for dirt cheap. With the kit, you replace the bottom metal and trigger guard of the ADL with the Kwik Klip offering which flts into the BDL stock. Transfer your barrel/action from the ADL into the BDL and the conversion is done. Instead of a drop plate, they included one drop magazine (additional ones were available for sale). If you have the tools and abilities, you can remove wood from the ADL stock to convert. I found BDL stocks from Remington at a pawn shop for dirt cheap.

I converted my 700ADL .30-06 with one of these. When I did so, I ran a dollar bill between the barrel and stock. I found spots where the dollar bill would not pass between from the end of the fore end of the stock to the action lug. A little sandpaper on a dowel rod in there until there was no contact (barrel was floating). Some boiled linseed oil sealed up the wood nicely. It's out of sight, beneath the barrel, so it still looks factory. I'd upgraded my scope to a new Vortex Viper unit at the same time. Got it all put back together and went to the range.

Now, this rifle had always been minute of dead critter accurate, but never even close to my ARP 6.8 rig. I'd decided upon some Nosler 125 grain pills I was going to use and got things sighted in and verified function. The Kwik Klip worked without a flaw, and I have more than one magazine (purchased extras) to have in my pocket. Between the removal of any wood touching the barrel and the quality glass, this thing shoots just about as well as my ARP 6.8 does.

I got my Mule Deer with this rig (one shot, dropped in its tracks) in SE Montana.

I came home and bought another one for the other .30-06 and found that they were also offering them for Short Action as well. I completed the conversion on the other .30-06, this one a synthetic stock and a Leupold 2-7 Vari-X II on it. This one was the rifle I bought my father back in the mid-late 80s. It too was an ADL.

At the time, the only SA stock I found was a laminate wood for a bull barrel. However, this (non-Remington made) stock wasn't working correctly for the SA Kwik Klip kit, so I still need to snag up an old BDL SA stock. When I do, I'll convert my .22-250 as well.

It appears that since I bought mine, Kwik Klip was acquired by Trexler, m'be production numbers do not meet the needs of Midway USA and/or Brownell's? I dunno, but I can attest to them working well with my two .30-06 rifles. I expect no issues with my SA .22-250 either. When I bought mine, it was only the bottom plate and smaller capacity magazine (same 4+1 as I recall). It would appear they also offer a larger capacity magazine now too? Inktristink.

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Dad's rifle with the conversion.

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Sorry, the close-up is out of focus, but it's nearly factory in appearance.

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That’s a nice clean conversion.
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I thought about changing out my recently acquired 1964 222 Rem SA to dbm but not sure it would look right with the iron sighted skinny barrel though.
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Your announcement of acquiring it is why I told the story of mine. And the way I did it, it can be returned to original configuration. I just put the ADL pieces leftover into a ziplock bag and masking taped them to the ADL stock.
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Can this conversion be done using a SPS OEM synthetic stock? I've got an ADL that I glass-bedded aluminum pillars and free floated the barrel and I almost hate changing it but I do like the convenience of detachable mags. Price of the Kwik-Klip and stock puts it up near $200. So that's a consideration.
I'd suggest contacting the folks at Kwik Klip concerning your question. I bought two OEM Remington BDL stocks, one wood, one synthetic. Both worked just fine for me.
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