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First post here.
Both my friend and myself bought Ruger.s mini-14 in 6.8spc. I will be picking mine up Thursday. My friend has his, but he is deployed to Africa at this time.
My friend is a 1st Sgt with over three decades of service. (he was in the Army in the 70's and later in the 80's he joined the USAR).
We both wanted a varmit and deer gun. We have some boomers, but they also boom your shoulders. I have been reading about the 6.8 and really liked what I read about it. When I was in the Navy, they still used M-14's, he had used the AR's and seem happy about it. Money and caliber keeped us from buying one of the AR's. Now that we are both dollarairs, it is time to leave the 30-06, 30-30 and 45-70 scene. (Got to love them all though).

Now we get to the mini's. Until my friend did two tours in the sandbox he had no truck against the m-16. Coming back home he talked about the short comings of the AR types. Please note this is not to start an argument on the pro's and con's of the AR's, just how we determend our needs and wants.

What we wanted was a weapon that was tough like an AK, easy to maintain. Would give minute of deer out to ~200 yards. Light kicker. And would be nice to our beat up bodies. (I've been a firefighter for 26 years, with over 9,000 runs in that time. If you can believe our MIS system).

Comes the mini. Changes made, plus the caliber made this an easy choice. I have been a handloader for more the 10 years and thanks to the writings of Paco Kelly and others, things have gone quite well. And now I have found you folks. I have learned a ton.

Lastly, I believe that I'm going to go with 322 as a first powder. I have bought some Barnes tx and Remington 115 grain. Though after read post here I'm looking at 90 grain loads. Can't hunt deer in Ohio, though I have some land in Ky that open for us. I do have ~200 acreas that I own and lease in Southern Ohio. We do have a song dog problem and a ton of chucks. I'll let you all know how things work out. An load suggestions, or thoughts would be received with greatfullness. Sorry about the long post.

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Welcome aboard Joe. Very nice post. Keep us updated on the Mini.

As far as the reloading with H322:
90Gr. bullets: Start at 29Gr. and work up to 31Gr.
110Gr. bullets: Start at 27Gr. and work up to 29Gr.
115Gr. bullets: Start at 26.2Gr. and work up to 28.2Gr.
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