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Which replacement bolt?

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Who make's a top notch 6.8 bolt? This is for backup/replacement not a build so a long wait wouldn't be a problem. My thoughts are LMT, but I thought I would ask the guys with more experience.
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If I drop a new BCG with bolt into my rifle, will it keep the same accuracy that it has been getting? I know Paulo once posted that if you want true accuracy, you will get a bolt headspaced to a new barrel and have both replaced at the same time, but if I am using the same barrel, and the replacement BCG is top-notch like an LMT (which bolt should be made to exact specs), should I expect the same results as the original bolt / old barrel?

Also, does the chamber matter in this context? Meaning are there any adjustments to be made if I have an SPCII versus a SAAMI?
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