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Which Magazine Company would you go with if you

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were going to reload the 68 SPC and why? I think I know the answer, I would say the PRI cause you can load the round longer (supposedly, read about quality control problems) but wanted to know what you reloaders perfer.

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PRI if you plan on loading over 2.280". C-Products 25 Rounders are fine if you only plan on loading under 2.280".
More room.
PRI all the way. I've got a cproducts mag and its not build to the same quality. Never used it either. I just hang on to it because its a 25 rd mag or so.
I dont reload but I have the PRI mags and a C product mag and an old PRI mag the new PRI mags are very good, I have had no issues with them.
Are the PRI 5 round mags the same size as the 10 round ones?
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