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Robert, you weren't around for the first 5-6 years of this forum so you may not know. Cold started this forum to cut down on the arguing on arfcom and give the 6.8 a place to be discussed without interference from the Grendel crowd.
In the beginning there were 4-5 of us who believed in the reason behind the 6.8. Holland, Murray and Lawton wanted a new cartridge that would help save the lives of American warfighters. Their testing showed the 6.8 could propel bullets to 2800fps, now I'm getting older but I believe that was using the Hornady 115gr but I can't recall what the length of the barrel was. What I do know was all of the original test barrels were Douglass 4 groove barrels. MSTN and PRI had a big hand in all early development.
As soon as SAAMI got a hand on it they screwed it up. SAAMI not us, SAAMI. Now SAAMI specs clearly show the bore area but how many people do you think actually calculated the bore area? All of the barrels people started pumping out with 6 groove and 50:50 ratio did not meet the bore area specs. By time I got involved it was late 2005 early 2006 and talk on the forums was ammo could not be produced that achieved the velocities Holland, Murray and Lawton reported.
Okay so those of us here thought that was a speed bump to the military. We thought if we could improve the specs of chambers and barrels we could show the 6.8 could perform like The OG3 said it could because they had already done it.
We started working on it, the original crowd here along with Art of SSA discussed everything because it was for a good cause. We all thought the original SPCII was the answer and it would have been if someone had not transposed the number on the PTG reamer drawing and the tolerances of the PTG reamers had been set up a different way and in general been better. I still have no idea who designed the SPCII or who transposed the number but if I had to bet Kiff had something to do with it.
The goal was still the same, prove to the military that the 6.8 was as good as the OG3 said it was. We were out to show everyone when barrels were produced with the right specs the 6.8 could do it.
In 2008 we could push 115gr Hornadys(now discontinued) to 2800fps out of a 16" barrel made with decent specs and using the correct powder(H335/Wc844) Did you know H335 powder was one of very few that the military has approved for use in military ammo? Flash reducer had something to do with it along with even after the barrels are worn the velocities stayed within their allowance. It's an old article I read years ago and don't recall much but H335 still works today and will still produce top velocity in the 6.8.
Sometime late 2008 Art of SSA was traveling the world selling the 6.8, he was sitting in an airport somewhere talking to me on the phone, he had given up on selling the 6.8 to the US military. As I hear it he had a big hand in selling it to Jordan, unfortunately after selling the idea of the 6.8 and LWRC rifles to Jordan they cut him out of the deal and wanted Federal to produce the ammo. Yeah I hear a bunch of people say they were involved in talking to people that adopted the 6.8 but back then I was talking to Art several times a week and he had a lot of knowledge about what was going on that no one else had for years until that info had time to circulate around the forums. All of a sudden everyone had a hand in it. Shortly after, Art sold SSA to Nosler who screwed the 6.8 further.
Somewhere on this forum today I replied to Nincomps post about the SPCII reamer, the dimensions and tolerances as PTG grinds the reamers. You think you have an issue with my reamer design, you may want to take a close look at the PTG reamer design and read closely, try to understand what the tolerances of that reamer drawing can do.

Yep, Art selling to Nosler was bad. I remember just after buying my first 6.8 I was shooting the black box SSA, Pro Hunters I think, and I could put three of them touching at a hundred yards, great ammo. Well, this has been an interesting read, learned a few things.....
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