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Whats your penetration?

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Where I live here in VA we have extended doe hunting season, so this is legal.

Saturday i killed a mid sized doe at about 90 yards with my 6.8. I'm using 115 grain Sierra Match kings with 28 grains of H335. the Doe dropped on the spot. I wanted a head shot but her head wasn't clearly visible so I took a slightly high chest shot so I didn't hit the shoulder. Zero meat damage YAY!. No tracking YAY!!. Only one hole. hmmmmmm?? This makes me wonder. I know the deer I killed last year retained the bullet because it was a 210 yard shot with a 100 grain bullet. Is this normal?? Or do I need to get my chamber re-cut so I can bump my load a bit?
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What rifle are you using?

I'm from Reston, Just got a Mini-14 in 6.8 that I'll use on close-in deer next season. I had my smith set the trigger pull at 3 lbs and next week I'm off to the Loudon IWLa range for break-in.

I also am looking at building a lite stalking rifle on a Ruger #1 donor in 6.8 as a low recoil deer gun for my grandson -- and me.

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