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What single point sling??? Single/dual point convertible??

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I am considering the V-Tac... I can get one down the street and its only 36.00... ???

I was also looking into a convertible single/dual point but that requires a free hanging sling mount on my 9 oclock rail when its not in use...I am also not very fond of slinging my primary across my back or even over my shoulder so I am perplexed as to how I would have a need for a 2 point sling feature... I do have a TAG padded saw sling that I had for my FAL and I like but other than comfort and slinging it over my back/shoulder it is actually quite cumbersome during some manipulations...

Is the V-Tac a good choice? What would you recommend???
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Anyone of you try the MS2 with a typical single point mount, any issues?
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