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What single point sling??? Single/dual point convertible??

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I am considering the V-Tac... I can get one down the street and its only 36.00... ???

I was also looking into a convertible single/dual point but that requires a free hanging sling mount on my 9 oclock rail when its not in use...I am also not very fond of slinging my primary across my back or even over my shoulder so I am perplexed as to how I would have a need for a 2 point sling feature... I do have a TAG padded saw sling that I had for my FAL and I like but other than comfort and slinging it over my back/shoulder it is actually quite cumbersome during some manipulations...

Is the V-Tac a good choice? What would you recommend???
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Got padded V-tacs on both of mine and the are fantastic. Quick adjust works great on the fly, and it is very comfortable. Helps me tighten up my shots at distance.
Good to know.. I have been fooling with one but not attached to my rig... I just dont like the single points that let the rig sink too low...

Its pretty light too...

I was looking at the MS2 and if I do a dual role sling that will be the one to get... I dont run CAR stocks on any of my ARs so the asap end plate isnt an option for me...I have not yet confirmed if the ASAP works on rifle stock... from the looks of it, I doubt it.... I paid close attention in the magpul videos and it doesnt seemingly work with a rifle stock...
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