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What load = SSA 110gr ProHunter

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I shot my 6.8 last weekend for the first time and it was awesome(I've had it for a few months). Anyway I was shooting SSA 110gr Pro Hunters and they shoot a very small 5rd hole in the paper that you could cover with a nickle at 50yrd's (after 3 shoots to sight in the Nikon 3x9 scope)and I'm looking to duplicate this rd since it shot so well and no pressure signs in my first gen. DPMS 1/10 SAAMI chamber. I don't care to load hot Rd's if it shoots this good with the SAMMI chamber. So I am wondering to what speed and pressure are the regular Pro Hunter loads loaded to and which combo of powder and primers will get me there. I have on hand H322, H335, Benchmark and CCI #41, 400, & Rem 7 1/2 primers to work with, along with all the other necessary loading equip.

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You do not "need" to crimp if you do want to make sure to use the lightest crimp possible and only then if you are using the Lee FCD. AS for loads:

With a SAAMI 1:10 I think you will find your best accuracy load to be somewhere between 27.5-28.5 grains with COAL between 2.275-2.295.
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