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What load = SSA 110gr ProHunter

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I shot my 6.8 last weekend for the first time and it was awesome(I've had it for a few months). Anyway I was shooting SSA 110gr Pro Hunters and they shoot a very small 5rd hole in the paper that you could cover with a nickle at 50yrd's (after 3 shoots to sight in the Nikon 3x9 scope)and I'm looking to duplicate this rd since it shot so well and no pressure signs in my first gen. DPMS 1/10 SAAMI chamber. I don't care to load hot Rd's if it shoots this good with the SAMMI chamber. So I am wondering to what speed and pressure are the regular Pro Hunter loads loaded to and which combo of powder and primers will get me there. I have on hand H322, H335, Benchmark and CCI #41, 400, & Rem 7 1/2 primers to work with, along with all the other necessary loading equip.

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The Pro Hunters do not have cannelures.
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