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VTAC Long Range Sling/Noveske QD End Plate Review

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When we went to the 6.8SPC Shooting Class in NC, John Boyette showed us the proper way to use the Shooting Sling. I liked the idea of a shooting sling, but I still wanted the ability to use it in a Tactical manner.

VTAC Long Range Sling:
I have been using the Viking Tactics Padded Sling for a while so I decided to give the VTAC Long Range Sling a try. It is basically a Viking Tactics Padded Sling with Long Range Cuff. The best way to attach the sling is to have the front all the way to the front and on the bottom and the rear by using an end plate of some sort. With this set-up, I can use the sling as a shooting sling and I can still transition from stron to weak side as I normally would. If I was ever to use it in clearing rooms, I would disconnect the Long Range Cuff, which takes seconds to do, and I can now easily tranition to the handgun if I had to, which is important in close range use.

Noveske QD End Plate:
I needed an End Plate so I decided to try the Noveske QD End Plate because it was so simple. All I can say is that this thing is ingenious. I never thought something so simple could be so good. This thing is a perfect match for the sling and makes transitioning to the weakside very easy. Matter of fact, with this set-up, the sling can be use by left or right handed people without switching anything.

Picture of my my AR the way it is currently set-up.

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Good to see another good review on the forums. Maybe we need a separate product review forum? PAulo, what did ya give for each of those products? Im especially interested in the Noveske Endplate.

How is the cuff utilyzed?
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