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Could I effectively use my 6.8 mags for a 5.56 upper?

Using 6.8 SPC mags for 5.56mm

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Stag model 5 will be my first deer hunting AR. Still 1-2 weeks out. I have good 6.8mags for it. Now I hope to buy a 5.56 upper at some point for plinking and the range (ammo cost). I know about feed problems caused when using a 5.56mag in a 6.8 upper. What would I expect If I were to run 5.56 ammo using the 6.8 mag. Should I have a set for each? Many Thanks!
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Nope you cant someone tried it and it didnt work.
QuicksilverJPR said:
You swapped followers and springs?
I would not swap parts, I was hoping the mags were interchangeable. Keep it simple, you know.
Due to the shape of the follower and the ribs in the sides of the magazine they rounds start getting pretty loose as they are loaded up. Just take one of your 6.8 mags and start loading 5.56 rounds into it. Probably the biggest problem is that the follower will align the rounds improperly for proper feeding. I had a cheap steel 5.56 magazine that would not hold the rounds aligned and caused jams almost every time as it would allow them to pop out of the feed lips. Just load them and look at the alignment and feel how they are held in the lips and how they can be moved back up under the lips.
I tried it just to see, didn't work. Rounds rattle around in the mag and any more than 4 rounds and the spring tention would force all the rounds out of the mag.
Don't do it. Magazines are cheap enough where you can stockpile both. Visually they are different by observing the shallowness of the two ribs that guide the cases.
As stated in the previous post, 5.56 mags are cheap enough. If you live in a state that allows hi-cap mags, don't delay and buy some now while you still can. I've found some good quality mags valued anywhere from around $14 to $30.
THANK YOU all. I think this has been settled.
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