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Update: Why this 6.8 Extreme continues to win me over.

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So yesterday I decided since I didnt have anything better to do I would try my luck at some predator hunting. Drove out to one of our places and setup. The mosquitos and gnats were something serious to contend with. I got a yote to pop out at about 300, but he was in and out of the fence line I couldnt get a shot lined up.

Decided to swing by my Parents house to see if I couldnt catch a hog out in one of our fields. I havent seen any in a while as they got green grass everywhere, and they really have no need to come into our fields anymore. Anyway this boar is standing there slightly cornering away. I put it on him and droped him of course he starts squealing, and I mean squealing. It probably went on 5 second or more. It finally stoped and im thinking about walking out there and seeing what I got. The boar stands up and off he goes full pace. I shoot another at him in total disbelief that this is happening, and make contact with one of his front legs. It crumpled up after that. I ranged it from the point I droped him at 127 yards. Yeah im liking this 6.8

I guess I should have posted this in the hunting forum, but since I was yapping in here just the other day about this gun I thought some of yall might find it interesting.

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nice rig...
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