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Upcoming Texas 3-gun match

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I know some of you have seen this before but we are still looking for two more members for the 3-gun match the end of June at the Tiger Valley range. It is a team shoot of 4 persons.
Our spot is already secure.
Bucknrut and myself have completely commited and I know there are a few others interested but wanting to put it out there that we are looking for teammates of all skill level's
The trick is we will be running 6.8 spc's for the match.
It is $150 a person and is a two day match that should be great fun. We will also be competing against Cold's team so we can't let them win. LOL

If you are interested and can commit post here and I can get you the details. Thanks,James
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This should be the right link. http://www.tigervalley.com/tv_3gun.php

There is some basic information on here, and a link to the rules.
I thought it was rifle and handgun only from when you were telling us about it. But for some reason, I have heard some people indicate we need a shotgun. I think I will take your word on it though.
I am shooting 6.8 no matter what. Those are the only two rifles I have other than my bolt action. I am fine with the other people shooting 5.56, there were actually 2 other people from the other site that I talked to a while back that are interested in the match but don't have a team. I might wait another day or two before I contact them though.
I find it interesting that neither the poster nor the host website can actually post the dates of this match. Tough for anyone to commit with other than 'late June'.
The match is June 27-28, it is a Saturday and a Sunday. If you go to the calendar section of the website and click on the month of June you will find it towards the bottom.
Buck if you have talked to some guys already then give them a shout and see if they will commit. If not I will post this on AR-15 today. Cold is right it is now to close to the time to keep waiting.

It is June 27th&28th I will be sure to include that next time.
I just heard from one of those guys, and he is still interested and without a team. I emailed him back and told him to let me know if he can commit.
Alright, we have another teammate. Just need one more.

ETA: I just sent another person looking for a team to join a message, so we will see what happens.
I really doubt anyone on our team will drop out. But if you can find another person or two who already paid (this is a must, they will not except any new teams) there is another person on arfcom looking for a team.
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