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Unusual cam pin wear?

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A friend from work got his first AR this spring, and has less than 200 rounds through it so far. The cam pin has a burr in where I circled it. You can easily catch your thumbnail on it. None of my guns have a burr anywhere near that big, even after several thousand rounds. I suggested he take it back to the vendor and see what they say, and that it may not have been hardened properly. Has anyone had a similar problem?

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That is a DPMS pin by the color and yes they are soft but, thats not all bad. I would rather replace that pin for $4 than a carrier for $65.
Most pins have an arc where they are slammed by the carrier in each direction, if it is over gassed it will catch it on the front side if the op spring is really strong it takes a beating on the rear.
One thing he needs to check, is there a sharp edge on the carrier or is the metal rolled from the beating?
interesting, I have heard that M&A is LMTs retail outlet but have not seen the pins with that color come from anywhere but DPMS. Maybe the same company makes them for LMT and DPMS.
IMO it is not a major issue but he needs to swap it out.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts