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I have 2 barrels for sale. First one is a Wilson Combat 16 in. 1/11 twist. Bought this barrel in an upper. I have a tac 30 barrel coming and want the upper for it. My working 6.8s are longer barrels and don't need the 16. Nothing wrong with it tho I did put a couple nicks in the outside getting the GB off. Nothing to effect operation of the barrel. Barrel is all cleaned up and ready to go to a new owner.
2nd barrel is a PSA 18 in. 1/11 twist. Stainless barrel. It came as a pre built upper. It had a pinned GB FS which I removed some time ago to use the barrel in a different build. It has the holes in the GB area for pins. Again, my working 68s are longer and I don't need this barrel. All cleaned up as well. No marks except manufacturer stamping.
Prefer to sell together.
285.00 shipped. May seperate if enough interest.

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