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I was shooting at the Quantico Marine Base today, target placed at 160 yards, with my 14.5" Noveske (1x10 polygonal SAAMI - waiting on the reamer to change it to SPCII). Just as I was about to continue shooting, I saw a bobbing head in my scope (set at 14x). It was a turkey - walking right along the top of the berm where the targets were placed! Unfortunately, turkey season doesn't start here for another week, and I'm not quite sure what would be left of a turkey using the Hornady 110 gr. V-Max! I am using 28.0 grs. of H322 (until my chamber is upgraded). Here is one of my targets:

The 7 shots in a 1 3/8" group would be less than 1 MOA at 100 yds, so I am pretty happy with it. The 3 shots on the left were before I changed the zero to the right.

However, I also had some of the blemished 110 gr. HPBTs that Midway was selling. My groups with these were nowhere near as good -- 3 to 4". I think I now know why they were labeled as blemished!
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