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Trying to decide between several low powered optics.

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Looking at

Bushnell Trophy 1-4X24 Illum Retical $145 + SH
Bushnell 3200 1.5-4.5x32 Firefly retical $176 Shipped
Millet DMS 1-4x24 Illum Retical $199 + sh
Vector DiamondBack 1.75-5x32 BDC Retical $169 + sh

This is for Extreme upper in a hunting role. Swamps to Hilly bean/corn fields so essentially 10 yrds to around 200. Could peak out to 300 if need be.
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The Millet DMS-1 is getting solid reviews for the value to price ratio. Ask owenslee about his DMS-1's.
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