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paulosantos said:
I just wish Trijicon would get off their ass and make a non-caliber specific reticle already. Don't get me wrong, I like that tey are coming out with a 6.8SPC calibrated ACOG, but I will not own another ACOG until they make a non-caliber specific reticle.
I like their reticle choices for the most part, the having options is what I like. They could use a NPR2 style like Nightforce. As of now I prefer their special reticle made for JP Rifles in .223 which covers most of my rifles. I use their .308 bullet drop ACOG 3.5 power on 6.8's or EoTech 1 minute dot only (no circle) or AimPoint 2 minute dots with great effect to 100 yards. All are fast on target. I haven't played with the bullet drop enough to find out how close it comes to being on the money. I think zeroing the 300 mark at three hundred yards will be done first and I'll see how the rest falls into play off that zero.

1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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