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Trienna drew her first deer tag this year, she is 14. It was a 5 day rifle hunt that ended Wednesday. The previous days we had precious little time to hunt with my job change and with obligations she had wednesday night it was looking like she was not going to get to get her first deer. We had seen a few bucks but with it being her first hunt I had made her hold off for shot opportunities that didn't develop. The Bucks were too far away or moving or among other deer. I was supposed to be back at work at 2:30 and at 1:45pm I looked at her and said "well, we better head back things just aren't moving in the wind and cold." Not 2 minutes later I looked up and a buck was looking at us at about 90 yards. Trienna was hunting with my new 6.8SPC. I had loaded up some sierra 110gr prohunters with 29.0 gr X-terminator for the hunt and, since we had just unloaded she had to rack one in and get set up. When I saw she was set I said "Take him" and ...... nothing happened. "Take him" I whispered again............ Nothing happened. Then I looked at her to see what was wrong and about that time she realized she had put the safety on when she loaded one in (habit ;) ) She clicked off the safety and the deer started forward just as she squeezed off the shot. Something hit the ground in front of the deer and I thought we had missed. The deer was breaking into the trees at a run. Before I could say anything she squeezed off a second shot(gotta love the AR) . (we had done second shot (follow up) drills at the range the day before the hunt, so again habit. ;) ? But since I couldn't even see the deer any more from my angle when she shot the second time I figured it was another miss. With little time to spare and not thinking she had hit the deer, we walked up to where it was standing, and saw tracks that went into the tree's. Trienna said "hey is this blood"? "Um yes and alot of it" I said so I looked again at the spot where the deer was standing and found what had made me think she had missed. It was a big tuft of hair covered in blood. I dug out the video camera and told Trienna to track her deer. She hadn't gone 30 yards whe I looked up and saw it laying there with 2 bullet holes right through the vitals. either shot would have done the job but I was tickled at her ability to get a second shot into the vitals on a moving animal. :eek: She hadn't seen it yet and the reaction I got on tape when she did was priceless. It was 3 X 2 and a nice little buck. We had some great daddy daughter moments as we took pics and high fived. This morning when I got up she was standing in the hallway with a big grin on her face and said can we make jerky today?

here are a couple pics

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