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Took the camera to the range and caught something interesting.

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The light from the muzzle flash is still illuminating me and the spent case has not yet cleared the ejection port.
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To capture the muzzle flash you might need to wait until there's more of a shadow down range for the flash to show up against. Obviously timing is going to be a bitch but unlike when we used to use film, with digital you really aren't racking up for the photos...the ammo is of course another story. Nice photo in any event.
ok, one question about that method, wouldnt the .5 second shutter speed expose the recoil of the rifle causing the rifle to look blurry?
Actually at night the short duration of the flash will stop the movement of the rifle, however its possible you might get some ghosting of the rifle due to the light from the muzzle blast. I don't know about that I haven't tried it. If you are firing the weapon when the flash goes off you won't get the ejection of the empty though, plus the flash is going to mess up the nice light thrown back on the shooter by the blast.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts