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Government Mar-2020: It's just 2 weeks to slow the spread
Govt Now: If everyone follows rules on masks, vaccines, etc. we may slow the spread by Spring 2022
Govt Then: We will be open & transparent and follow the science
Govt Since: We will change the settled science every few months and have Big Tech censor all alt thoughts
Govt Mar-2020 to May-2020: Masks don't work for Covid, so don't wear them!
Govt Since: You MUST wear masks, you inconsiderate morons!
Govt Summer-2021: If you get vax, you don't have to wear masks anymore
Govt Now: You must wear masks indefinitely, regardless of vax status
Govt Then: Vax protects you from variants and from spreading the virus
Govt Now: Vaccinated people can spread virus and contract covid variants, so mask up forever
Govt Then: We will NEVER require vax
Govt Now: We will use every power we have to require vax regardless of age, Covid recovery status, or work location
Govt Last Week: A woman's body cannot be controlled by govt; it's her right to choose on all medical decisions
Govt Now: Govt can mandate what you put in your body by any executive order passed without Congress
Govt Then: Vax provides you ironclad protection from Covid
Govt Now: Unvaccinated must get vax to protect the vaccinated people
Biden Now: My patience is gone for you stupid peasants! I don't understand why you won't listen to us! It's the fault of you morons who don't follow our consistent, clear rules that Covid is still spreading!

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Just like Faucism, it just WON'T go away... not yet, anyway.
11181 - 11200 of 11230 Posts