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Things everyone should consider

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Family Guy thoughts on the 6.8spc

If you don't plan to shoot over 1,000 rounds per year, but you want an AR-15 for general purpose, this is the cartridge for you. The 6.8spc is hands-down the best AR-15, even better than the 5.56. I got into the AR platform a few years ago and looked forward to teaching my kids with it. Now that I have a 6.8 and understand what it can do, the 5.56 makes less sense. We train with BB guns and .22s and of course dryfiring. As they get older, I plan to train with Airsoft, force-on-force. None of that will change (due to economics or politics) whether we have 5.56s or 6.8s.

I've shopped like crazy, looking for good 5.56 hunting ammo. Black Hills 69 grain OTM and Hornady T2 will cost 75 cents to a dollar per round. Not much different from 90 grain 6.8spc which walks all over it, for any purpose I'll have. Cheap brass 5.56 ammo is minimum 50 cents around, so not much savings. I love p-mags and hope something like that will come along for the 6.8, but I don't lose sleep over that. I think we'll find the new 6.8s to be just as reliable as 5.56s, predominantly due to the work by Constructor and Tim leading up to the Xtreme upper (get one!)

So if you get confused or discouraged reading about people arguing about the 5.56 or Grendel being better choices, spend some more time reading other threads on this site. If you're worried about cost and availability of ammo, so are all the gun guys, regardless of caliber. Whatever AR you decide on, plan on buying at least 1,000 rounds, and adding to that number as you can afford it. If politics go to heck, just cut back a little...like everyone else.
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Has anyone studied the terminal ballistics of aardvarks? What mags should I use? Who makes an aardvark upper?

Re: Family Guy thoughts on the 6.8spc

Brass being cheaper isnt a huge issue. What is HUGE for me is that I can easily get .223 brass for FREE off of the ground at the range. That is the big difference for me when it comes to ammo cost. That and I can get FMJs to load for practice very cheap.
Re: Family Guy thoughts on the 6.8spc

well i can walk into cabelas and get winchester fmjs for 11 and remington fmjs for 10 if they are in stock...winchester usually is
Someone should merge the two threads that spawned off of the locked on. I am not sure why it was locked. It seemed like the agitated parties calmed down. Eh I am not the admin.
paulosantos said:
I merged both topics.

I'm just going to say this about this topic. Everyone uses the 6.8SPC for different purposes. Right now, it is a great round for Hunters or anyone that doesn't shoot a ton of rounds per year. That doesn't mean that we should just be content with it. The 6.8SPC is much more than just a Hunting round. With the proper bullets, it can be just about a do-it-all round from 0-600 yards. We just need to stay together and look at the big picture. I don't hunt, but I still support it as a hunting round and welcome the advances in that area. There are two things I would like to see. Actually three.

1. A good 100-105 Gr. BTHP round with a nice BC and Tangent Ogive for $20-$25 per 100.
2. A decent affordable plinking bullet for under $15 per 100 to reload.
3. A USGI type 25 round aluminum mag with an anti-tilt follower for $20. I would like to see a PMAG, but it ain't happening, so I wouldn't even bother.

As far as reloading, I don't really pay too much attention to the price of brass because right now, the SPC brass is $45-50 per 100 so it isn't that bad considering you can get 10-12 reloads. If I have some time, I'll put something together on this thread comparing the prices of some handloads to compare to the 5.56. Trust me, with an affordable bullet, the prices aren't that far apart.
Doesnt Hornady make a decent boat tailed hollow point? I thought it was a hair heavier than that though.
Re: Family Guy thoughts on the 6.8spc

Mark21 said:
carbinero said:
Further, none of my friends or I can get into reloading for the next few years...not so much due to the cash outlay, but more for the other logistics. If you have one or more kids under 10 years old, odds are you'd rather spend time shooting, hiking, etc., or even some rare quality time with your spouse, than reloading. So I dislike the argument: "6.8spc (or you name the caliber) is fine, if you reload." That just isn't a relevant argument for "average family guy."
Carbinero -- as someone who has two young stepkids and two dogs, along with a full-time job, I actually find reloading is a great getaway for me. After a long day, it actually is pretty "zen" for me to spend an hour or so in my workshop. Call it a form of meditation. Honestly, as a poster once said on this forum in another thread, sometimes I feel like I am shooting so that I can reload! :D
+1 Zen is exactly what it is, the last three times I have been gone to shoot was 50% needed practice with LEM trigger on my USP and 50% could use some more brass.
Mike W said:
Yes I understand that there are reasons to reload besides saving money.

I'm trying to get an idea of the value of time in the strict sense.

While you may have saved $200 per 1000 rounds, let's say, but you spent 40 hours reloading, then strictly speaking, if factory is just as good for your purposes as your reloads, you were working at $5 per hour. What if you are working at $2 per hour? Is it accurate to say that one is reloading to save money?
Depends on how you look at it. For me its a hobby that saves money.
paulosantos said:
constructor said:
You convinced me, less time on the forum, more time loading. now where is that off switch?
No kidding. All the time you spent dickin' around 2 days ago on the other thread, you could have loaded up 1K rounds even on a single stage press with one hand. :lol: :lol:
I learned my lesson about showboating while loading last week when i got my left index finger caught up between a .40 round and my resizer. I took a good chuck out of the end of my finger. That brass is SHARP!
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