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Theoretical 85gr Barnes MRX performance?

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With the performance increases made with the 85gr Barnes TSX, I was just wondering if any reloaders more experienced than I am would care to venture a guess what an 85gr version of the MRX would do performance wise.

Barnes claims shorter lengths for the same weight because of the more dense tungsten core and I wonder what performance possibilities that would open up...
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Well, You may be able to load the round out further due to the shorter bullet, so you could stuff nore powder in there. So might yield a higher velocity, BUT that would just further kill the BC of the round, which sucks as is. Would be a quick little round though, and would hit hard if I had to guess.
Well, I think it would even out over distance. The MRX wouldld be shorter, so you could use more powder if you load to 2.3. The MRx would have a higher velocity than a TSX or TTSX, but would have a worse BC. So over distance, seems they would even out. Wouldnt the MRX be a better barrier blind round with the tungston core?
1 - 2 of 14 Posts