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The weight of various 6.8 mags?

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I don't have any 6.8 mags or I would do this myself. So, here it goes. I am just looking at the 25-30 round mags only. What is the weight of 1st, any empty C-Prod, PRI, and Barret mags. 2nd any full C-Prod, PRI, and Barret mags. It can be in grains, ounces, grams, or pounds. Just be sure to label it.

I think it would be more useful if we kept it with just factory loaded ammo only. At least for now.

Here are some total weights of a couple of rounds. Not just bullets but complete rounds.

Remington 6.8mm SPC ------ 115 grains OTM ------- 266.2 grains/17.26 grams
Federal XM193F 5.56mm ------- 55 grains FMJBT ----- 179.3 grains/11.60 grams
SS109 IMI 5.56mm ------ 62 grains FMJBT ----- 186.7 grains/12.10 grams

I did not have any 7.62x39 to weigh, because I used the last of it at the March 1st shoot. (XCR forum)

It is not a big issue. But just a side by side numbers comparison. If a few would pitch in. It would be interesting to see what the various weights are in a full mag and break down format.

Thanks in advance.
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Empty Cproducts 25-rd mag: 6oz.
Empty PRI 25-rd Waffle mag: 8oz.
Empty Barrett 30-rd mag: 9oz.

Full PRI mag w/SSA 115gr SMK: 1lb 7oz.
Full Barrett mag w/30 SSA 115gr SMK: 1lb 12oz.
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