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Awesome Chopperguy.

Very nice stick you put together.

I have plans to do the same but with a RM 700 as the base with the hardware to allow for 2.5 COAL :mrgreen: A 20" barrel but I think I am taking this toward the light mountain/ pack type rifle setup. I think that is a very good niche for the 6.8. You have a very light rifle but becasue its a 6.8 you have no recoil like you would with say a 308 from a 4.5 lbs gun. Pillar and bedded. PTG has the Rem700 bolts for the 6.8. With a fixed power scope to keep weight down it should be nice.

The reason for the extended mag space is the gun is being setup to specifically shoot longer 130 gr bullets. With MV of 2600 they will be very effective on anything I choose to take. With BCs up to .478 and all working with an 11 twist I should be GTG for anything I choose to take out to 500 all from a little light rifle.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts