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The Mystery of the “correct” 6.8 Follower…

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I have purchased a number of CP Products 6.8 SPC mags from two good vendors on the forum over the past five months. These have included the 25 round and 5 round "Marlube" finish mags and one Teflon finish 25 rd mag.

Over this time I have received three different followers installed in these mags. Some Black...some Grey. Some Unmarked, some marked.

The issue is trying to determine which are "anti-tilt" and which is the most recent "correct" follower.

The followers received have included:

1. Black Magpul 6.8 marked followers on both 25 and 5 round Marlube mags:

2. Grey CP unmarked followers on 25 round Marlube mags:

3. Grey CP 6.8 marked followers on 25 round Teflon coated mags. Note the absence of the two side support ribs at the follower midpoint which are found on the unmarked gray follower above:

Here is a side view with the black Magpul on top, the 6.8 marked gray follower on lower left and the unmarked gray follower on the lower right. Note the shorter legs of the unmarked follower:

The black Magpul followers were receive on a quantity order back in May.

The gray unmarked followers were received on a quantity order of Marlube coated mags earlier this week

The gray 6.8 marked follower was received today on a Teflon coated mag from the same vendor.

Because of the potential issue of mixing 5.56 and 6.8 mags I wanted to insure all followers were marked 6.8

I called CP Products and spoke to JT who indicated that there were no gray 6.8 followers marked 6.8 even though I had one in my possession. He indicated that the unmarked gray followers were the most current.

Yet Joe at Palmetto Armory indicated during a call to him that all of the new Teflon coated 25 rd mags he has received have gray 6.8 marked followers…

Can anyone shed some light on this situation?

Can anyone identify how to distinguish the anti-tilt follower?

Has anyone else received 6.8 marked gray followers?

JT offered to have me send the unmarked gray followers back and he would try to find some marked 6.8 but if they never made any as claimed…it may be a long wait.
If they didn't make a gray 6.8 follower…where are these on the Teflon mags coming from?

Any help or insight would be appreciated.

I may just mark these followers locally with a Pantograph rather than risk having a quantity of mags with no followers of any kind.

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I just re'c a 25 rd. Teflon mag. direct from CP with a grey 6.8 marked follower. I get my new Stag Wed. from big brown so we'll see what mag. it comes with. I wanted to go hunt this week with it but CP didn't send my 5 rd. mags. -they back ordered them :x even though they said they were in stock when I ordered. Tip for the future, order from a reputable vendor who has them in stock! I wish PRI made 5 rounders.
I am getting to the bottom of this. I will let you guys know as soon as I get an answer.


Jamin (The other owner of Palmetto State Armory)
Larry at CP Products just informed me that the latest 6.8 Follower is the Gray one WITH the 6.8 marking...

c-products also has some earlier oned with brown followers.... larry said there is no difference between those and the black ones
Forget about colors because they are jsut that and nothing more. With on follower maker it might mean something but with a company like PC they are looking for the least costly to go for price point.

Look only at the dimensions or obviously if it has a MagPul and then color means something.

The three in the picture are clearly different.
Tim_W said:
The three in the picture are clearly different.
Exactly...But how do those differences translate to better reliability or performance? That is the issue.

And it is complicated when two obviously different followers are received within a 7 day period on "current" production 25 rd magazines.

If function is the same..then fine...I'll go with those marked 6.8

Yet both gray followers are different in design as well as marking.

Do these differences improve...or detract from function?

Did the design change serve to correct an identified problem?

Was it just a difference in the injection molds of two different suppliers?

Color is not an issue...as long as they:

- Function reliably
- Are durable
- Have a means to identify a 6.8 SPC follower from a 5.56 follower

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All my CP magz have the blck Magpul follower's....so is that a Old type? i never had any FTC probs..
i Still yet to have in my hands the Magz i ordered from Cp direct 8 weeks ago! :roll:
The black Magpul 6.8 follower was received in an order approximately 5 months ago.

It is a discontinued follower no longer found in current CP magazine inventory. The two gray followers shown above are newer style.

Larry at CP has reported that the gray follower marked 6.8 is the most current.

The new mag that I just rec'd. from Stag has the brown follower and the new one from CP looks like the 3rd photo you posted. Both were range tested today and functioned flawlessly.
I've got 10 with the grey unmarked follower. I've only used two but with over 400rnds between the two I've had zero problems.

I personally like the 6.8 markings on the follower too.
Yay..my magz on the dam way after 8 weeks of nada...After i Opened my Unholy mouth Cp- trew in 2 extra mags for my good patience :lol: ..So thank you CP....
Now for the Follower Mystery! It is simple they no longer sell the magpul followers since ,To save $$ they started making there own and that is the end of the story...
zoli818 said:
It is simple they no longer sell the magpul followers since ,To save $$ they started making there own and that is the end of the story...
Not quite...CP started making TWO different 6.8 followers both of which are being shipped on current mags. One CP customer service employee stated they have never shipped a Gray 6.8 marked follower...yet multiple customers have received them. Another CP employee has stated the Gray 6.8 marked follower is the current design...

It would seem that if the Gray 6.8 marked follower IS the current design as Larry at CP contends...then not everyone at CP "got the memo..."

The mystery will be "solved" when someone in authority at CP makes a definitive announcement or adds a clarification statement on their web site.

I talked to C Products and looked at several followers in the companies mags and my personnal mags. My understanding is as follows.

1. The black and brown Magpul labeled followers were on the original mags and were anti-tilt.
2. Next C Products started making their own dark-gray anti-tilt follower which had no 6.8 label on it. These are mostly found in the Mar-lube coated 6.8 mags.
3. The current production Black Teflon coated mags have the newer dark-gray anti-tilt follower which is labeled 6.8.

I talked to LJ and he told me that all of these followers are anti-tilt and are good to go. He said that if anyone has any issues with any model that he would take them back and would replace them.

Also, Palmetto State Armory has the same policy. If for any reason you buy a product from us and it does not function correctly, we will replace it or refund your money no questions asked.


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The question then is if they were all anti tilt and all worked then why the change. I get the one from the magpul as that is a cost one. But the others are not. If it was only a color change OK but each of them is dimensionally different. Its been my observation that you don't tend to make changes unless there is a reason to change.
still waiting for my 5-round clip from c-products I'll got the run around from the start first they said card wouldn't work ---L J then sara I went to the bank twice to check my card out they said fine called sara at cp back still they couldnt perform finally i just sent them a money order..been 8days still no mag in the mean time i orderd the same 5-round mag from 44mag had it in 3days priority mail but sara said we only ship ups at cp still waiting... i even said me going to my bank twice burning my gas come to find out she didn't ask for the 3-numbers on the back of my card i said you ought to send me a extra mag for free she said cant; do that. I'll be ordering from 44mag from now on.. ROGER
Bushdog45 said:
I wish PRI made 5 rounders.
They have them on their website.

the 5-rounder i ordered from 44-mag came with the black marked 6.8 magpul follower.. i'll wonder what the 5-rounder i ordered from cp products will have in it if i ever recieve the dam mag??? i learned my lesson never to order any thing from them again.........NO more larry, Lj , sara
:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: I feel your frustration but look at the big picture its only a mag not enough to let it ruin your day. Don't let it have that effect, if you get me.
Alright tim , i'm saying no more just going to keep waiting....and going to call larry and c-products to give him my regards on his fine company....roger
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